August 24, 2011

Funny or Die: Take Back The Perv with La La Anthony [Video]

Well, isn't it time we see women become equal to men in the perverted world? According to LaLa Anthony, she thinks guys have taken the title of becoming a perv for way too long. In this Funny Or Die skit, LaLa holds a rally to females stating they no longer shall let men be the only ones who shall be named pervs, peeping toms, etc. LaLa is taking a stand for all women saying so can they become nasty, sexual, horny creeps too. This video is way too funny, I mean although it's a skit you would think LaLa is really fighting for women's perverted rights. The funny part about this video is the lady holding a sign that reads "Show Me Your Penis!" lol that's comedy! Check the video after the jump. 

                                       Take Back The Perv with La La Anthony from La La Anthony