August 8, 2011

The Most Anticipated Wedding...

I never really said much about the soon to be wedding of reality star turned entrepreneur Kim Kardashian and NBA New Jersey Nets player Kris Humphries. It really wasn't in my business to mention it. I was asked if I could share my thoughts on the couple's engagement and wedding that's taking place later this month. I will say this I am happy for the both of them. I really don't know that much about Kris Humphries, but I'm pretty sure he is a great guy. Although, this whole relationship has happened so fast in front of our eyes, Kim Kardashian has found the prince charming of her fairytale. I'm not all 100% of the wedding happening so fast though. I believe the wedding can take place towards the end of next year. I love the Kardashian family a lot, and if you don't know I'M A BIG FAN!!! This wedding is entirely being the talk of the nation after the Royal Wedding that took place this past May. 

Beautifully, I believe this wedding will be the next Royal Wedding. It may sound stupid of me to say, but if you think about it the Kardashian's very popular figures in the entertainment business now, especially Kim. Just think of how big the guest list is itself, then you have the family of both parties lol. This wedding is just might be bigger than Khloe's wedding. Kim is a hopeless romantic so i'm pretty sure her ideas for the wedding will be set up like a paradise getaway in Heaven. People have been saying they hope she airs her wedding as a special episode like Khloe and Lamar did theirs, but I feel Kim is always in the media and spotlight all the time this is the only privacy she should keep private for herself, loved ones and friends.  I want her marriage to be a questionable image in our minds. I want her to keep it secret and private. 

I also want to know who's wedding is this? Kim's or Kris's? I'm asking this question because every news report we hear has to do with Kim's cake tasting, Kim's wedding dress, Kim's this or Kim's that! lol, nothing wrong with the princess wanting her dream wedding, but damn does Kris have a say in anything about the wedding? And we're not talking about Mrs. Jenner! I just know i'm happy for the both of them, I really can't speak on the relationship and wedding, because I don't know that much about the both of them together as a couple. As we see on Keeping Up With The Kardashian's the relationship seems genuine and lovable how best friends should be. 

What Are Your Thoughts On The "Royal KardashianWedding"? 
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