August 24, 2011

MTV VMA'S 2011: Britney Spears Tribute

This coming Sunday, the MTV Video Music Awards are back to our screens. This incredible night will feature top celebrities, actors, comedians, dancers, singers, etc. The performances will be out of this world and also award winners will get ecstatic. But what i'm most forward to seeing at this years VMA's is the Britney Spears Tribute. I have been a fan of Britney Spears since she came out as a major recording artist in 1997. I hadn't known she was apart of the Mickey Mouse Club in the early 90s. Besides that, MTV is finally acknowledging Britney Spears's reign in the game for 14 years. Most of her years went beyond successful and some went downward, but for the past three years, Britney has proved to many why she is still the queen of pop music. I can't wait to see who will perform some of her top charting smash hits and if Britney will perform herself. Will you be watching? Are you happy for Britney Spears