August 23, 2011

Natalie Nunn ; that good weave!

I thought I was the only Natalie Nunn Stan FAN, but it seems one of my good girlfriends and her friend adores Natalie just as well. My friend Tammy and her friend Bonnie decided to do a video reel complementing Ms. Nunn on her extravagant choice of good weave do's, along with the annoyance of guys being perverted creeps in the clubs, with a little bit of informing to some young girls who wear their edges out and front laces that look tow up from the flo' up! The video put together is very cute, I love the editing and these girls have informed me they will be doing a weekly video; so stay tuned :-)

(My Friend Tammy Is The One With The Cute Bang & Bonnie Is The Pretty Doll With Cute Pigtails)