August 1, 2011

Numbers Are Intimidating!

I've come to a conclusion to whereas NUMBERS are in fact INTIMIDATING. It is very intimidating to females and some males. Females tend to have it the worse because of their measurements. When women buy clothes  or dresses, some of their articles of clothing don't only come in set sizes such as Small, Medium, or Large. Their sizes are usually numbers from 1 digit to 2 digits. I'm beginning to think the reason is because females bodies are more curved and shaped than of men.
The issue is why should woman have to buy according to numbers. The only part of their body for clothing that needs numbers are their breasts am I right? well that and pant wear. I feel like men are only measured in number by just their lower half; sometimes when dressing up in a suit or tux. Usually the numbers aren't as crucial to how women react. I'm just saying why can't they live on a Small, Medium, or Large system of measurement? Why is everything dealing with numbers? I think it's very intimidating to those who may be smaller or bigger than the average size.

What Is the Average Size?! 

I can tell you one thing, it's not only women who are intimidated or embarrassed about their size. I also feel the same way sometimes. My body is not proportioned very well and it irks, when I have to go different sizes when dressing up. I feel like i'm not at my best. Especially, when i'm in the mens department and I get measured by the seamstress then I hear different numbers. I just want an even set size, I dont like hearing two or more different sizes. Numbers are scary

Numbers are also scary on a weight scale. Honestly, I don't look at the scale unless I check the height and weight target chart. Whatever height i'm at and if I don't reach the required weight I should be at, thats when I start looking at the scale. But just because I feel fat, I refuse to hop on the scale. Seeing the results will scare me even more. I bet it terrifies women too. Lol, why can't we just have numbers for our foot sizes and that's all. Another thing, why do women have to have the name "Plus Size"? Why can't they just be categorized as Large, X-Large or Double XL etc.? 

I really don't know where i'm going with this, but it's just something to pay attention to. Numbers are intimidating and they can make our lives miserable for some. Yes, we all come in different shapes and sizes but who's idea was it to measure in numbers? Another thing, I wonder if guys would feel some type of way if they were beginning to be measured in numbers, shirts, pants and all. Okay, i'm totally going off in tangents. But think about it. 

Do You Believe Numbers Are Intimidating?