September 28, 2011

23rd Birthday Ideas...

My birthday isn't nowhere near, so you can wipe the sweat off of your foreheads haha. My birthday is January 29th. I've never had a real big birthday party well except as a toddler and little boy, but as a teenager and now adult I never got to experience a real fun birthday to remember like most people do. I'm BORING and PLAIN, but the funny thing is that is not my personality WHAT SO EVER! So why haven't I really threw myself an extravagant party or passed out somewhere to where the next day I didn't remember anything...the answer is...I...Don't...Know.

I know I want to do something worth wild on my 23rd Birthday, yeah it's not 21 or 25 but it's time that I start taking my birthday serious rather than staying in the house with family, going out to eat or heading to the mall. It's time to do some fun things and make my birthday memorable. Well, great I know what I want to do, but I don't know what I want to do or where to go. Confusing isn't it? It's not! Simply, I know I want to start having a memorable celebration, but I don't know where to celebrate my birthday or what to do. What does someone turning 23 do for their birthday?

I have to start saving up NOW!, Knowing my ass I probably will wait last minute to try to plan something and it backfires on me. I'm know for being the biggest procrastinator in the world, well maybe i'm not that bad, but I do like to hold off. Why should I do something now when we have full days ahead of us. That's how i'm always thinking. Back to the topic though, I would like to hear some of your ideas on what I should do for my 23rd Birthday. If you are 23 years of age or older, What did you do? Please keep in mind my birthday is in January. The coldest month of the winter season ;-)