September 19, 2011

The Bill Cunningham Show

Last week I attended a taping of the new daytime talk show "The Bill Cunningham Show". Bill Cunningham is supposed to be the new Maury/Montell. Although during the taping of his show Bill stated "This Show Is Nothing Like Maury and Jerry Springer", well if it's not the two then we don't have to worry about crazy woman running around taking off their bras or confused woman claiming everybody including their cousin is their baby's father. Bill Cunningham however is no rookie to the entertainment media limelight, he had his own radio syndicated show for some years also adding to his belt a law degree, so this man knows exactly what he's getting himself into. However, the tapping I attended was FUN FUN FUN! I think you all will enjoy his show, not only is it his show, but the audience is like his co-host. So much audience interaction going on, I think we (they) ought to get paid. The show premieres today at 1 P.M. on PIX 11. Keep watching everyday until you see me make my Bill Cunningham TV debut! 

For Tickets To A Taping Of His Show: [Click Here]