September 8, 2011

Coming Soon To Theaters: ABDUCTION

Twilight hearthrob Taylor Lautner stars in this thriller, action, suspense movie about a young man living a normal life until one day with a friend Karen (Lily Collins) decided to log onto a missing children's website only to find out Nathan's (Lautner) baby picture is up there along with a photo of how he would look in the future, which is his present tense. Nathan is then set to discover the real truth about his life, not knowing there are hitman out to kill him. Now Nathan has to discover the truth about his past, fight for his life and figure out why he has a bounty over his head.

This is definitely a movie I will be seeing when it hits theaters later this month, September 23rd. I mean who doesn't love action/suspense films? The story sounds really crazy and sounds like something that can actually happen in real life. Geez, I hope I wasn't on a missing children's milk carton. PS. It is said that a little Lautner body flash will make an appearance in the film. Eat your heart out ladies; better yet cool the heat! Will you be making your way to see this film? If you're unsure the movie trailer is up for view, just click after the jump!