September 5, 2011

Congratulations To Beyonce + Jay-Z

Beyonce stunned the world last Sunday at the 2011 MTV VMA'S by announcing her pregnancy with husband rapper & mogul Jay-Z. Along with the thriller news, Beyonce threw on hell of a VMA performance of her song "Love On Top" which appears on her 4th platinum selling album 4. The performance was nothing anyone would have imagined. At the end of her performance, Beyonce dropped her mic unbuttoning her vest piece as she proudly showed the world her belly bump. I'm pretty sure everyone has seen the performance, if you want to relive the excitement of the stellar Beyonce performance you can check after the jump. 
                                    2011 VMA - Music - BeyoncĂ©

I never really got to express my happiness for Beyonce + Jay-Z. Being the big Beyonce fan I am, the night I watched her performance I cried tears of joy for her. I can sense how happy she was. I'm very happy to see Beyonce pregnant and she will be the best mother a child can have. That's all I want in life is to always see my idol ecstatic and filled with joy. I tweeted a lot that night how happy I was. I never thought Beyonce would surprise us like this. Her announcement was classy, elegant and a night to remember for all time. Congratulations Jay & Bey. May your bundle of joy be a blessed talented & beautiful being. :-)

What did you think of Beyonce's performance + baby news?