September 23, 2011


Okay, so clearly i'm not the go to person when it comes to make up, but I know the perfect person you can go to. My friend Whitley started a blog where it's just all about the fashion and art of makeup. Of course, you can pick up some tips and the best products to you use. What I love about Whitley's blog is the name she used and how it ties in with the whole makeup aspect GlossPills. Makeup is a GLOSS appearance and we use PILLS to make us feel better. The two go hand in hand with each other because throughout the world in our everyday lives there are thousands or millions of people who apply makeup on their face as if they  need it everyday like an addicting pill.

Whitley, is a smart young fabulous New York gal and she will give you multiple orgasms on her GlossPills blog. I would like for you to check it out, if you're interested in makeup or if you're in that stage where you want to start experimenting with makeup then I suggest you look at some tid bit tips from GlossPills. Trust me you will find everything you need to know on this blog. Check It Out :-) !


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