September 12, 2011

Movie Theater Prices Insane!

This past weekend, my BFF, friend and myself were going to hit the movie theaters. To our surprise we thought a typical Sunday movie would be affordable, not to say going to the movies isn't affordable and we can't afford to go, but we were all shocked and stunned to hear the ticket price was $11! Seriously , I remember moving to Irvington, New Jersey back in 1997 and there was a movie theater right up the block from where I used to live called The Castle and movies were just $1...yes $1! Then I remember that movie theater got shut down, I think due to how untidy the place was.

Movies then went up to a regular admission of $7.50. I was content with paying $7.50, only issue I had was how expensive their concession stands were, ridiculous right?! I mean, coming back to the future who would ever raise the movie admission prices? After $7.50 movies were then $9.00 nearly $10.00 just to see a movie for 2 hours. Now they want to charge me $11!!! I don't know if the prices are the same everywhere else in the United States, but $11 is entirely way too much for a movie ticket. If the regular admission is $11 imagine the price for a movie in 3D. Uhm why exactly are movie prices going up?! How much are the movies where you live?