September 5, 2011

New Music: Demi Lovato Feat. Romeo - Skyscraper Remix

Lil Romeo has been on the prowl on getting the girl of his dreams who is no other than Disney recording star Demi Lovato for a week now. His recent video so called proposing to Demi Lovato in front of a group of celebrity paparazzi's, has hit the media waves sparking conversation whether or not Demi actually watched the video and if she accepts Romeo as her man. I mean if she doesn't then I most certainly will! Romeo just recently released his remix to Demi Lovato's summer hit "Skyscraper" via Twitter this early morning. The song actually sounds like the two of them would have pretty chemistry with each other. You know what they say; two voices that bend together stay together! Well, I just said that lol. The song is actually very good with Romeo's bars on the track. I'm not sure or not whether Demi Lovato has reached out to Romeo yet on his obsession with her, but we hope the best of friendship for the both of them. Meanwhile, the song is available for download. Check it out!