September 26, 2011

New Music: Eniyyah "For The Record"

Remember back in July when I posted about New Jersey's next up and coming superstar Eniyyah Purvis? Well if you don't remember who she is then I suggest you click Introducing Eniyyah Purvis. Ever since her remix to Lil' Wayne's "How To Love", Eniyyah has been in the studio working on some new music. "For The Record" is Eniyyah's first official track an untitled EP scheduled to come out early next year. "For The Record" has this futuristic uptempo sound that is completely out of this world. The song is produced by Damar "Dutch" Beckett @SuperProducerdb and Eniyyah's vocals on this track go hard. With the lyric "now I'm on the run, out the web that you spun" clearly tells you this isn't just some boo who heartbreak song. "For The Record" may be the new empowerment song for females who are through with the bullSHIT their guy is putting them through. I mean hey, Eniyyah's not crying over a guy, she's basically giving her dude the TWO FINGERS.

As Eniyyah is in the studio working on songs to complete her upcoming EP, you can catch her at open mic events, Thursday evenings at Hat City Kitchen in Orange, New Jersey. I'm pretty sure Eniyyah gives the audience one hell of a night. I'm in love with the new single and i'm glad to be one of the first to share it with you all. I can't wait till the EP that's soon to be out top of next year. You can listen to the track below and post your thoughts in the comment box. Also, don't forget to keep up with Eniyyah via her YouTube, FaceBook and Twitter outlets. If you're also interested in getting beats for your own project and want to hit up a brilliant producer, also hit up Damar Beckett. All the info will be listed below. Enjoy as much as I am right now!!!

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