September 22, 2011

Public Bathroom Cleanliness

Okay, usually some public bathrooms aren't this clean. When you do enter a public bathroom how cautious are you? Do you know what you're about to enter? Do you know one single touch off the wall can get you sick faster than walking in a blizzard without a coat? Well, I always in someway try not to touch anything in public restrooms. I'm always using tissue to either close the doors turn the knobs on the faucet and use my foot to flush the toilet.

I want to know what do you guys do though when you're finished using the bathroom, wash your hands and then dry them, only leaving you to wonder how will you open that door?! I mean this is why I always carry around anti-bacterial hand wipes or hand sanitizer. I just want to know what do you do to leave the bathroom? Is it always a strategy for you?
Let Me Know!!!