September 8, 2011


A friend of mine from school, by the name of Kaleef Parks, based in New Jersey, is a great professional photographer.  He has a real photography camera and his edits are truly beautiful, oh' don't let me go on about his editing skills; they are SICK! I never really had the patience to edit pictures or jazz them up whatever the case may be, but I really take my hat off to Kaleef. This is one field that is not easy to do. Yeah everyone can take pictures, BUT are you capturing from the right angle, is the scenery still, are the colors toned enough, and most important is the lightening good? This is something most photographers get familiar with and by practice and studying more and more on photography they perfect it down to a T! I'm pretty sure it took Kaleef a minute to practice the art of photography and with time and patience he has perfeted his craft.

If you're interested in taking some professional photos for anything feel free to get your photos done by REYLEEFPARKS PHOTOGRAPHY. Especially for all those up and coming models and actors that need comp cards and to build their portfolios, instead of using your camera phones and digital cameras. Once you have a photoshoot session with Kaleef Parks, you are bound to leave feeling good about your photos and will come back to do more shoots. I personally respect the artistic craft of Mr. Kaleef Parks. Here are more edits below that Kaleef has shot and his contacting information will be enlisted at the bottom of the page. If you do decide to hit up Kaleef for some professional photos make sure you let me know too, so I can blog them :-)!

Contact Kaleef Parks Via The Following:
FaceBook: Kaleef Cck Parks
Twitter: @LetsGoLeef