September 27, 2011

Shampoo, What's The Difference Between Men & Women?

Okay is this some advertising psychology technique to get our money or what? I recently was taking a shower and proceeded to wash my hair, when I actually was reading the SUAVE men's shampoo details. Seriously, it does all the same functions as the female shampoos. Basically, in fact all of the same ingredients just a different scent. Now, I use any and all types of shampoo with conditioner included; hair is hair right?! Okay, I know there are different types of shampoo's for different textures of hair, but seriously a division between men and women? What's going on here? What's the difference besides the scent? I'm not just saying it'sjust the SUAVE brand, it's actually ALL. Maybe I need to google the answer before anything. I truly think its a psychology tactic to get us to spend money on the unneccessary. What do you think, did you really think about the issue? A part 2 of this blog post will soon be posted.