September 26, 2011

Should My Friend Cristin Go For Modeling?

I was talking to one of my friends the other night on FaceBook about how I feel h should get into the modeling world. The reason why I told him he should get into modeling, well is the fact that he loves taking pics of himself and posts them on FaceBook. The pictures aren't bad neither. Cristin, that's his name, basically told me he doesn't know because he is too chilled to be a model. Well, I think explained that's what modeling is, a chilled environment and great for photogenic guys. Cris is a very chilled back quiet type of guy but he also has humor and model like qualities to me. The most interesting part about this story is when I told him he should be a catalog model for sneakers. 
Cristin is a SNEAKER HEAD (a name an individual is called who is obsessed with cool stylish kicks) and he buys all the hottest sneakers that is known to man on this planet. Oh' and they are not cheap at all, so you will see Cris with tons of sneaker boxes. I told Cris that he should think about becoming a catalog model for sneakers. He's always wearing them and knows how to dress according to what kick he's wearing for the day. I told him h should look into it and he said that he would think about it.

Now! I'm asking you all if my friend Cristin is right for the modeling world via catalog, runway or whatever. Do you think he should pursue a career in modeling? What do you think? 

Hit Him Up On His Twitter To Let Him Know He Should Go Into Modeling: