September 7, 2011

The Skorpion Show - Inferno DR, Beyonce's 30th Bday, Chaz Bono On DWTS, Basketball Wives LA & More

You all know I love sharing my favorites with you all; I'm something like Oprah. I've decided to start posting the new videos of my favorite YouTube show The Skorpion Show which features video bloggers Kevin Simmons (@TheSkorpion) and Makael Mclendon (@Makael86). I blogged about the show back in June introducing them and how successful they are in The Skorpion Show Interviews Steph Jones post which you can go back and read. Every week the two popular video bloggers and socialites post their video responses and reviews to today's entertainment, political news, top news stories, events, interviews w/ your favorite celebs and other hot topics. I believe they record every Tuesdays and Thursdays. These two are absolutely my favorite video bloggers and tweeters. They legit say what's on their mind, NO HOLDS BARRED! 
This weeks video for Tuesday was just released and the topics look very intriguing. The topics include Kevin's trip to DR (Dominican Republic), Beyonce's past 30th Birthday, Chaz Bono on Dancing With The Stars, Basketball Wives LA and many more interesting topics. This video is worth watching for sure! You can't help but to really love these two. What I really love about their videos is the side commentary Kevin and Makael have with Kevin's family members. There really isn't supposed to be any commentary, but it's so random you can't help but to laugh and catch Makael's catch phrase "I DON'T LIVE HERE". With one a big BEYONCE FAN (or new word STAN) and one a big JANET JACKSON FAN/STAN; you guess which one is which lol, their shenanigans is very outrageous. I don't want to give you too much, you'd just have to watch them for yourself.

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YouTube : The Skorpion Show