September 24, 2011

The Skorpion Show - Makael Meets Beyonce Again, Troy Davis Executed, & Suicide

An all new episode of The Skorpion Show has just been uploaded to YouTube. This video is going down as one of the greatest videos of The Skorpion Show. In this video Makael talks about his meeting with Beyonce at  the PULSE meet and greet at Macy's in New York City. I'm always in full ecstatic mode when Makael meets Beyonce. This is like Makael's 10th time meeting Beyonce haha. I really believe Makael is apart of King Bey's camp. In the video you will hear how it all went down. Also, Kevin and Makael touch on the topic of the Georgia trial of Troy Davis, if you're not familiar with the story then I suggest you google it or do your research on CNN. I'm sure the two will keep you up to date on his recent execution that supposedly an "innocent" move. Last but not least in this video you will come across the topic of the recent suicidal act performed by a young homosexual boy due to intense bullying. Take a look at the video, enjoy!