September 27, 2011

The Skorpion Show - X-Factor, Facebook, Is Dating More Than One Person Ok? & Random Fun Moments!

As promised like always here is the latest episode of The Skorpion Show. In this video Kevin and Makael talk about everything from X-Factor USA, FaceBook, Is Dating More Than One Person Okay?, Kevin's 27th Birthday Details and The Usual Funny Random Outburts. By this time you should have become subscribed to their YouTube channel, Liked their videos, became a Friend on FaceBook and even a Follower on Twitter. These two I love dearly and they make my day. I'm going to need the two of them not to record just two days a week, it's not enough for ME!!!!! :-) Enjoy this video and also if you are interested in getting your POSTIVIE projects advertised don't be afriend to email Kevin and your 60 second promo will be on the next Skorpion Show before the episode starts.