September 19, 2011

Tattoos Anyone?

Anybody thought about getting a tattoo lately or know someone who wants a tattoo and just don't know where to go? Well based out in New Jersey, my friend Shawn Holland's cousin does very unique and amazing tattoos. Anything you want you name it and he'll design and tat you up with no problem. The tattoo pics I've seen on FaceBook are really dope! Prices range from $25 and UP, nothing lower than $25, these tats are very thought out and skilled from a licensed professional tattoo artist. Remember tattoo designs are based on your ideas, creations and thoughts if you want something big know you have to kick out a big but reasonable amount. Other than that, you'll be set for life with the tattoo of your dreams. Check out some tattoo designs and pics after the jump. The tattoos i'm telling you are ridiculously dope! Go Get Your Tat!

For More Information You Can Contact Shawn Via The Following: