October 11, 2011

10 Facts About Me

So, the other day I posted 10 Facts About You, it was a little joke nothing too big, just to get a laugh for the day. It was a written prank assignment. I am going to tell you 10 Facts About Me. Somethings, you may or may not know. Everyone thinks they know me, but I have like 10 personalities. No really, there is more to me than what you see on the outside. Hope you can find some facts that relate to yourself.

  1. I'm the first gay in my family.
  2. My favorite food is anything pasta w/ meat.
  3. I go to the movies once a year.
  4. I can't wash dishes without playing an album of my choice.
  5. I love cleaning bathrooms (not public though)
  6. I think i'm bi-sexual
  7. I have no tattoos at all
  8. Never gotten any stitches (Knock On Wood)
  9. I don't drink out of a can
  10. I listen to Beyonce's album 4 every single day.