October 27, 2011

Advice To Those Who Ask...

I have been loving the love you all have given me about my blog, I appreciate you and thank you so much. The one question I seem to get asked is "How Did You Get Your Blog Like That?" Well, i'm going to give you the answer :-).
I started blogging in late 2008, I was never one who was into the whole blogging world. After seeing the Kardashians start their blog, I decided to do the same. They would post about their everyday life, pictures, events, advice tips, promo items, videos and etc. I thought it would be fun to do the same. The hardest part was finding a blog platform. I forgot how I came across Blogger, but I decided to use it. To be honest, it took me about 2 1/2 years to get my blog to look the way it does now. I never did anything in one whole shot. Since 2008, I started out small just to see what goes and what didn't. I experimented a lot with background choices, color pallets, layouts etc. If it wasn't for Blogger's choice of gadgets to include I don't think my blog would have been what it looks like today. I never asked anyone to do my blog layout and design it for me, I was hands on the whole project; like I said I played around with the website. Also, I got a lot of inspiration from bloggers Necole Bitchie and the Kardashians.

Still till this day, I don't see myself 100% done, i'm always looking for ways to improve my blog. I still need a image in my title box, a still shot of me of some sort and I want to include more ways to make my blog interactive with my audience. I'm still learning myself. It's not always easy, I did get frustrated more than a few times I tell you that. Staying committed and thinking positive made me push for that ultimate drive to make the blog I always wanted. Here I am, it took me 2 1/2 years to get my blog running the way I wanted it to look. I hope to thrill and surprise you all in the near future. I'm not done reinventing myself :-). I hope by reading this you got the answer you want to hear. The one thing I can tell you is in the Design area of Blogger, using the Add A Gadget is the most important tool to use. Add A Gadget is your generator.