October 3, 2011

Any Suggestions: Interpersonal Books

Okay, not quite the book I have to read that you see above, but it looks interesting right? Well, this semester in my College Public Speaking class we have to do a book report; sounds a little high schoolish, I Bet! We have a book report based on any interpersonal communications. I quite didn't understand what that meant at the time, but thanks to my BFF, I have everything understood and ready go to. The only problem is....I don't have a book. Now, you know when there is a book report you have to do, you go to your favorite book or the easiest story you've read and you work on that? I'm steering away from that and I want to read something interesting and unfamiliar. I want something new. A book i've never read before other than A Child Called It, The Kite Runner and etc i'm asking you all  for your wonderful help. Do you recommend any books that you have read that was based up interpersonal communications? I know some of my viewers have to be readers :-). Help me out please, throw some books tittles my way.