October 24, 2011

Are You Down With The #TeamDanAndre Movement?! I Am!

My friend Daniel aka Dan or Danny from Jersey, is one hell of a creative artist. No! not paintings, but graphic designing, his designs are sick!!! I knew he made apparel items such as shirts and hats, with his line of #TeamDanAndre tagged all over but to add to his latest edition...BUTTONS! How cool is that?! The best accessory for any outfit is a Button. You can never go wrong, even Napoleon Dynamite is jealous of Dan. I really like how Dan took his everyday quotes and turned them into something fun and creative. Usually, people would claim their quotes and go about their day, but Dan is making them known to the public. 

Each button has it's own saying and design, I love the cartoon pic he has of himself having a big curly fro! You can purchase (yes, not everything is free) these buttons from Dan himself, you can find him mostly at work but he's a full-time student at Bloomfield College in Jersey and always involved in the nightlife events going on. Buttons are $2 each which isn't that bad for what dopeness you're about to rock on your everyday outfit. I support the #TeamDanAndre movement and so should YOU! Check out more #TeamDanAndre buttons after the jump also his contact info will be listed if interested. 

Contact DanAndre Via The Following:
Twitter: @MatrixxCity

Go Get Your #TeamDanAndre Buttons! So Many Designs, Colors, Quotes, Just What You Need For The Rest Of Your Life!!!