October 13, 2011

Best School Notebook - Five Star Flex NoteBinder

Can I declare that i'm the coolest kid on campus? I swear the best notebook to have while being a collge student is the Five Star Flex NoteBinder. This NoteBinder (a notebook/binder in one) has made my back so much better. In college, you are forced to buy tons of heavy text books and then plus a notebook for each class that you have, all of this book carrying can really become a strain in your back. But thanks to Mead, they have created a light weight binder where you can include all your subjects into one. This is different from the regular binders though, it's very light weight, no matter how much you fill your NoteBinder, it will always feel light and free. It usually runs for about $10 - $16, it's a great investment you basically can re-use over and over. I suggest students with a heavy class schedule and a lot of text books buy the NoteBinder. GOTTA LOVE MINE!