October 5, 2011

Coming Soon - New Year's Eve

For months I've been asking where in the world is Halle Berry, well my answer just came to me recently on YouTube. Halle Berry along with a lineup of A-List actors and actresses star in this drama-comedy movie which is supposed to be the follow up to last years hit movie Valentine's Day. This movie New Year's Eve tells the story about six people prepping the biggest day of the year, New Year's Eve. Each character has their individual lives that are either up and down. This movie will be the cutest holiday movie ever to hit theaters. The movie is set to hit theaters December 9th. Who doesn't love spending New Year's Eve in The Big Apple? Luckily, I have the trailer for you to see more about what the movie is about. I suck at detailing movies lol. If you loved Valentine's Day, then you will definitely love this movie. Take a look: