October 4, 2011

Do You Believe In Graduating From A Community College?

There has been much talk about the comparison between a Community College and High School to a College Univversity. Some people may feel like a community college is just like high school only with a 13th and 14th grade academic level than your standard college university academic level. Does it depend on what commuity college you go to? How bout the graduation ceremony from a community college, Is that important to attend to? We all know that in today's economy reciving an Associates Degree (AA) isn't worth nothing but as equal to a high school diploma. In fact, it is said you can't even rarely get by with a Bachelors Degree (BA) since the economy is doing so poorly. Keeping in mind, would you graduate from a community college?
Personally, I feel like the community college I am in right now reminds me just like high school. I don't feel like I'm an acutal college student. Maybe its because of how the school is functioned, idk. No! I do know my reason, some of the classes I previously took or am taking now, feels as if i'm in a high school class...very small. I form a bond with my classmates and my professors. When I speak to other college studnets who attend Universities i'm always told there is no bonding of any sort between professors and the classmates. The only bonding contact  you would get between the two is if you're emailing them about someting but it's never something long, it's brief and fast. Also, the events in the school seem high school like, books ales, bake sales, and little parties in the cafeteria here and there. All of those events just scream SCHOLASTIC ACTIVITIES...High School.  

I also feel like graduating from a community college is an escape goat. Okay, you graduate but knowing you've gotten some type of degree will that only make you eager to finish up your schooling or will you be settled with an Associates Degree and continue to work towards your Bachelors at a slow rate? I don't want to be reminded of what I have, that I want to be remindined of what i'm working hard for. That piece of paper th at will help me in the long run. I'm not saying an Associates Degree is bad to have, but I often find some people get too comfortable and forget the real reason why they were actually in school. I'm graduating or should I say i'll be done with my community college next year spring Jan - May 2012. I am faced with the decisio to either walk across stage or just recieve my diploma in the mail. My mother wan'ts me to attend the ceremony, but I can care less. Like I said, I feel like a community college is just a steeping stone to get getting the degree of my dreams. We don't actually celebrate stepping stones do we? We just live through them.

My question is, if you were or are attending a commuity college, would you graduate across stage? How would it make you feel as a person? What are your views on community colleges? What are your views on Associates Degrees?