October 5, 2011

Drake & TheWeeknd - OVOXO

When I say I'm out of the loop I really mean it. A friend of mine by the name of DJ Nakeem check him out by Clicking Here, told me about underground RnB singer TheWeeknd's new collabo compilation mixtape with Young Money artist Drake entitled OVOXO. I got familiar with TheWeeknd over this past summer. It was back in July on my way to the city with some friends when one of my friends decided to play some songs off of TheWeeknd's first mixtape House of Balloons. Ever since then I've become a fan of his and couldn't stop playing his mixtape for the longest. My friend from Cali Chantel, informed me that she also has gotten familiar with TheWeeknd and she was already jamming his second mixtape Thursday.

This guy is really dope! His music and the lyrics are so captivating, the songs really make you think. Both mixtapes House of Balloons and Thursday are as mellow as mellow can get. You'd fall in love. Fun fact to know is that TheWeeknd is a native from Toronto, Canada like Drake. These Canadian guys have some real music skills if you ask me. Well I don't want to keep you reading, I want you to get into the music, I'm telling you I rarely like underground music, but this artist is someone who is worth listening to. Check out OVOXO featuring Drake & TheWeeknd presented to you by The Cartel and The Syndicate. If you haven't done already make sure you download House of Balloons and Thursday, I highly recommend you do.