October 10, 2011

FaceBook Game: The Sims Social

Facebook and their addictive java games, i'm really obsessed with the new addition called "The Sims Social". The Sims Social is a free based game that is just like the hit pc/ps2/ps3/x-box versions. I can't stop playing this game for nothing. The Sims Social is a game where you create yourself and you virtually control your life and everything around from building your home, making friends, taking care of yourself, earning money, and accomplishing SIM goals. It's been a long time since I played The Sims. I remember when you couldn't get me to stop playing The Sims for nothing. On the weekends,, I would play for the whole day. The game really takes time to understand but at the same time it's so funny that you just keep playing to see what happens next. Thank God FaceBook is allowing us to play The Sims Social, because my cd rom drive on my pc is broke at this moment :(. Forever will I be a Sim Geek, my favorite Sims game is The Sims: Unleashed this is the version where they introduce us to having pets. Fun Fun Fun! Go out and play! Also, add me on FaceBook LaTroyWatson, and become my neighbor.