October 5, 2011

Football Season Is Back!!!

I'm not out the loop as some of you may be lol, but Football Season Is Back!!! The NFL Lockout didn't carry for long, so here comes our favorite time of the year, animosity between folk', obnoxious cursing, beer drinking,  racial slurs, bets and everything in-between. I mean Football is that one sport where everything gets hectic, people well GUYS go crazy. I don't know what it is that makes these guys yell and scream at their Flatscreen TV's. Well, I'm not really a football fanatic, but I do enjoy watching some games and getting lost between the scoring, first downs, interceptions, fumbles and etc. But, I do know what a touchdown is :-). I'm rooting for the Baltimore Ravens WOOP WOOP GO RAVENS! I was a New Orleans Saints fan but Reggie Bush put a hole in my heart when he got traded to the Miami Dolphins, Blahhh! So far I know the Ravens has won every game they've had so far, this is to my knowledge if i'm wrong don't correct me i'll get it right next time!

Can't wait till the Ravens takeover 2012's Superbowl! See you there losing teams :-)!