October 10, 2011

I'm A Very Picky Person...[My Ideal Type]

Okay everyone, my type is not 100% Romeo Miller, but he does have most the qualities I prefer in a guy. So, I've been single since forever, but that doesn't mean I can't get a guy. I...would say I had my share of guys who I talked to but relationship wise, I just didn't see it because they weren't my type. I'm a very picky person. When I say picky, I really mean picky. I have high standards that my guy must meet in order for me to start a relationship with him. Hey, life's all about choices why not check the ones you want to accommodate your life :-). Just so you know how picky I am, I will give you the list to what I want and need from a guy. I don't think you all are ready to read this lol. If you now anyone who fits these credentials then I suggest you tell them to give me a HOLLA! This might get graphic, so please be 18 or over before reading this :-). Okay, here we go:

  1. Must Be Over 5'10
  2. Basketball or Football Player Build (No Fat, Chubby or Too Skinny)
  3. Light or Light-Brown Skin Complexion
  4. Nice Smile
  5. Grooms Well
  6. Nice Big Hands w/ Manicured Hands 
  7. No Dirty Finger Nails
  8. Big Feet (10 or better)
  9. Nice Feet
  10. Moderately Hairy (Arms, Legs, Some Chest Hair, Trail To Pubic Area)
  11. Abs (4,6 or 8 Pack)
  12. Must Drive (Licensed Driver)
  13. Lives On His Own
  14. NO KIDS!!!!
  15. Big Dick/Penis/Cock (8inches or Better)
  16. CIRCUMCISED (No Foreskin/Helmet Top) 
  17. Jordan Retro Fanatic (Not Team Jordan)
  18. Educated (High School w/ a good GPA, College Student, Grad Student)
  19. Legal JOB
  20. Dark Caesar w/ Deep Waves (No Braids or Dreads)
  21. Someone Who Trims And Not Shaves (I Hate A Bald Penis Area, You're Not A Kid Homie)
  22. Must Love Dogs
  23. Great Personality (Thinks Outside The Box)
  24. Soldier (Definition = Straight Hood - Street Credibility)
  25. Someone Who Doesn't Care What People Think Or Say
  26. Family Oriented 
  27. Loves To Workout
  28. Must Love To Walk/Travel
  29. Must Own Either A Verizon, Sprint, AT&T or T-Mobile Cellular Device (iPhone + Blackberry)
  30. Must Be A Freak, Doesn't Wait For Me To Say What We Do Next In The Bedroom :-)
And, this is the list...I mean this just about all the qualities a guy has to have in order to date me or pursue a relationship with me. I'm not going to lie, it is hard trying to find this ideal guy. The list is not that bad at all right? I mean it can get pretty worse, there are other qualities, but I'm not that picky lol. If you think you fit the detail list then I suggest you give me a buzz or if you know someone who does have all these qualities. Tell me what are your qualities in a guy or girl?