October 17, 2011


No not Michael Jordan TV, but Mike Johnson TV. A friend of mine since way back when has been playing basketball since he could dribble it. Mike is a young 21 year old from New Jersey whose basketball skills are sick, espeically his dunks. Playing on basketball teams throughout his schooling, Mike Johnson has known to become competition on the courts. This kid has fire in his sneaks, he's just unstoppable. Along, with being a great athlete, Mike has his own video editing production, hence the name MJ TV, which he records various things such as his friends freestyling, candid family moments, slam dunks and video game challanges. Mike Johnson is very entertaining, I frequently catch his videos on YouTube and find myself overall amazed how dedicated he is in his work with technology and on the court. I just thought i'd post some videos so you can see what I see.

Check Out More Of MJ & His Work Via:
FaceBook: Mike Johnson
YouTube: 2110mikeyj