October 3, 2011

NBA Lockout Vs. NBA 2K12

For all those gamers out there, I just have one question if the NBA Lockout doesn't come to an end, are you content with playing all of the versions of NBA 2K for the rest of your lives? Good question right? No way, tough question? Okay, either way I would like to know what your answer will be. It seems as though this NBA Lockout of 2011 is never going to come to a precise agreement. Which leaves only for NBA fans to rely on the world selling NBA 2K games, but how happy will you be before you start to get bored with the game? For those that don't play the video games, I know you must be going through it. Will the lockout interest you in playing the video games now? With NBA 2K12 hitting shelves tomorrow, we know that millions upon millions will be picking up their copy but will the numbers of game purchases turn out SHOCKING to NBA officials that they will come to a decision as soon as possible? We'll see, just answer me this are you content with NBA 2K series for the rest of your lives if so be it?