October 3, 2011

New Music: Harmony Le'Fly Ft. Cliff Po "Freeky As She Wanna Be"

Check out the new single from my friend Harmony Le'Fly off of his up and coming new project.  The song "Freeky As She Wanna Be" which features Cliff Po and produced by Chemist is a futuristic RnB song that'll have all the ladies twerking and grinding. This is a new sound for singer/performer Harmony compared to his previous songs. I was one of the first to hear the song before it actually got out to the public, I was so souped and pleased. This song should be on heavy rotation in the clubs, hey may be playing before hitting the clubs. Harmony Le'Fly is an incredible and dedicated entertainer for as long as I've known him. Music is something he enjoys and every time I hear a song from him, he evolves. If you like this song, then you would love his first single "Bottom Lip". You can check out "Freeky As She Wanna Be" after the jump. 

  Harmony Le'Fly ft Cliff Po- Freeky As She Wanna Be (Prod by Chemist) by HarmonyLeFly

If you're interested in Harmony Le'Fly and want to know more about him, he will be on WRNU Rutgers Newark Radio, Tuesday, October 4th at 8PM, where he will be interviewed. Check him out, give your support. You can [Click Here] for the live streaming. Harmony Le'Fly is "R&B's Cool Kid"!

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