October 3, 2011

New Video - Beyonce "Countdown" 30 Sec. Preview

"I'm Tryna Make Us Three, From That Two, He Still The One" - Beyonce (Countdown)

Here is a little 30. sec clip from Beyonce's new music video off of her multi-platinum selling album 4 for "Countdown". The video is so vibracious and shows Beyonce in such a happy time of her life. The video is colorful and Beyonce is working the hell out of her baby bump and short bowl cut in the video. Looking at the preview, I didn't expect the video to look the way I imagined it. I thought the video would turn out how she filmed her TARGET commercial with the song in the background playing. Either way "Countdown" is one of my favorites on the album and I'm so happy she made a video for it. You know what, I hope she made a video for all the songs on the album :-). I Love You Beyonce & I Love You 4! Here's your sneek peak at "Countdown" enjoy!

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