October 19, 2011

New Video - Beyonce "Love On Top"

I may be a little late but who cares it's Beyonce, her name will keep going around the world even when it stops. Beyonce earlier this week premiered the video for her VMA hit performance song "Love On Top" for the Aussies down-under. The video starts off with Beyonce and her background dancers in a dance studio lined up like some of your favorite boy bands such as; The Temptations, New Edition, New Kids On The Block and other remarkable groups of the past. Beyonce traded in her heels for some groovy sneaks and to add a rockstar outfit to sing in. Later in the video Beyonce turns glam as always and puts on a stellar ending to the video.

The video is beyond cute and you can't help but to sing along to "Love On Top" like you're in Church that is. "Love On Top" music video by far has hit my top 5 favorite Beyonce videos, i'm just mad she skipped out on the 2nd verse, but whatever the ending did me justice. Go Bey!