October 10, 2011

One Hell Of A Performer...Solange Knowles

It's been two years since we've had Solange Knowles killing her performances on the music scene. Her last and successful album Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams was a 60s inspired album with the upbeat soul edge rocking hits. The beautiful Solange, finally made her own name in the industry and for the first time ever stepped out of the familiarization of being Beyonce's little sister. Solange is an artist in her own genre. Up to speed, Solange has drastically changed her looks for a natural 90s appeal and has been in the studio working on her third album. Solange's funky attitude and style is gracefully shown in her killer performances. Hell, Solange is one hell of a damn good juicy entertaining performer. Here are two clips that showcases Solange's professional onstage presence.

Solange has grown as a performer, even when she first started, she had so much drive and dedication that it showed in her delivered performances. I mean, how long is this new album going to take? I need some Sol-Angel in my ears right away!!! Love Me Some Solange Knowles!