October 31, 2011

Pet Grooming Sometimes Too Much!

I just noticed why does local pet grooming services charge more than brand pet companies such as Petsmart, PetCo. and etc. Seriously, I own a 4 year old female Shih-Tzu and I get charged $50 just for a full groom, $30-$40 for just a wash. I checked prices for PetSmart and a grooming package the most is $21, talk about saving money. The reason why I don't go to PetSmart or PetCo. reason being the distance of how far I am from the nearest one. New Jersey isn't quite travel friendly to these places at the most. I mean whatever, dog grooming shouldn't be so much an d strict on shots, as long as the pet has updated their shots at the beginning of the year, there shouldn't be a problem. What's your take on the situation? Do you come across expensive dog grooming?