October 7, 2011

Should Dogs Sleep In The Same Bed With Their Owners?

I have an important question, how many of you feel dogs shouldn't sleep in the same bed as their owners? Well, this question has been on my mind for a long time now, well ever since my female Shih Tzu grew out of her puppy stage. My dog is four years old and ever since she was a puppy I would put her in the bed with me. My dog isn't the type of dog who sleeps wild, she usually goes into her spot, curls up and sleep. I'm usually the one who is waking her up to snuggle with her. My dog Tokyo is pretty much spoiled but she knows when she belongs and when she doesn't. I don't mind my dog sleeping in the bed with me, but the hair hassle can get pretty annoying. I think I don't say anything because when i'm away she's already on my bed resting. Tokyo has her own crate and her own bed laid out on the floor. Is this normal for a house pet? Do you think it's good for dogs to sleep in the same bed as their owner? What are you views on this?