October 24, 2011

Skybox Sports Bar and Lounge

This weekend was a long one for me, I also feel like there's not enough hours on Saturday and Sundays. Saturday night, I refused to stay in the house so I went out. I haven't gone out to a club/lounge since the summer, around the last two weeks of July. I know it seems like forever! I got word that my friend DJ Shy was going to DJ at this local Sports Bar and Lounge around my way. 

Skybox Sports Bar and Lounge is the name of the place and it's literally around the corner from where I live. Oh' I did go by myself which turned out to be not so bad, I enjoyed the 21+ crowd and a party never goes wrong when you have DJ Shy and the RUN NJ team in the booth. Sometimes you don't always have to go out with a group of people to have a good time. Fun is what you make it and that's exactly what I had by myself. I can't wait to go back, maybe this time with a friend or two though. Make sure you also come out to Skybox Sports Bar and Lounge located at 586 Raritan Rd. Roselle, New Jersey (908) 245-4455.

Do you ever go places by yourself? How do you feel about going out with a group of people? What is the good and bad about it?