October 11, 2011

Tasty Tuesday - Berry Ice Cubes

A new favorite blog/website of mine is celebrity Tori Spelling. I don't know how I came across it, but her website has everything from home and live, food, style, love, and etc. I mean her blog is the go to blog to get a lot of insight on certain things in life. I just recently came across one of her posts under the Entertain section. Tori Spelling, suggested when having a party or get together, it is best to entertain them not only by conversation but by decoration. Berry Ice Cubes, is what she suggested you have one should have so guests could be amazed by how creative you threw your party. I thought this recipe was very cute so I thought I'd steal it for Tasty Tuesday; I Love You Tori! So without further adu, here is today's Tasty Tuesday treat with Tori Spelling's Berry Ice Cubes.

Berry Ice Cubes

This is an easy way to fancy up any drink from club soda to sprite!



•Sprite, club soda, or sparkling water

1.Fill up an ice cube tray with water

2.Drop a berry into each compartment in the tray

3.Freeze and add berry cubes to water or sprite

I mean i've never thought of this before and this is brilliant. For the recipe link to Berry Ice Cubes and other entertaining ways to play with food please Click Here. Also, play around on her blog, sign up too! Thank You Tori Spelling, Congrats On The New Baby!