October 7, 2011

Throwback Friday - Paula Abdul "Straight Up"

I thought i'd definitely take you way back to an era in the late 80s where dance and music was the epitome of a great video. Paula Abdul who we all loved as a judge on American Idol and now love as a judge/mentor on The X-Factor is today's throwback artist. We all forget that Paula Abdul once was an incredible dancer, choreographer and singer. Paula's moves ignited the stage every performance she did. That soft innocent voice was what we all loved. Now I wasn't born in the early 80s, but hey being born in 89 growing up in the 90s in my home, you had to listen to all the great oldies.

One of my favorite songs from Paula Abdul is "Straight Up" this song is such a good stress relief workout song to jog too. I was reminded of this song by rapper J. Cole, his debut album Cole World, on one of the songs he samples Paula's hit "Straight Up". I mean who doesn't love this uptempo 80s disco trance beat. Without further adu, I present to you today's Throwback Friday - Paula Abdul "Straight Up" enjoy ;-) . Love You Paula!!!