October 24, 2011

Tyler Perry's For Better Or Worse [Trailer Video]

Tyler Perry just keeps on banking on top of banking. Tyler Perry's new dramedy (drama-comedy) series For Better or Worse will air November 25th on TBS. The shows leading cast is our favorite on-screen married couple Marcus and Angela played by Michael Jai White and Tasha Smith; who both appeared in Perry's box office hits "Why Did I Get Married" and "Why Did I Get Married Too?". The new show will follow the married couple as they go through marriage counseling as well as Tasha's crazy yelling accusations at Marcus, Marcus's lying, baby mama drama and the couples crazy go to friends for advice.

This show has everything you need and more. We all know the relationship between Marcus and Angela, so you know this show is going to be one crazy hell of a ride. You can watch the trailer below, at first I thought it was a new movie, but the production camera Tyler Perry must be using is a great transitional phase from Movie to TV. Anyway, we can't wait until the show premieres! Take a look: