October 19, 2011

Unsigned Artist: Young Twain

For those who are into listening to unsigned artists such as singers, rappers, bands etc., YouTube is the place to go. For years now, YouTube has been a platform for undiscovered acts to get discovered in various ways. Those who are dedicated in their craft and work promote themselves on YouTube to gain an audience who will enjoy what they create. As for me, I've seen some amazing talent on YouTube, but it is usually when I type in a certain song and i'm directed to the links of unsigned talent who cover the songs I enjoy. Never sleep on those YouTube users who share their videos in your inbox; I have never payed any attention to those videos until now.
After going through my inbox of shared videos, I came across this 19 year old unsigned rapper from Detroit, Michigan and he goes by the name Young Twain. The video that was posted in my inbox was one of his original songs produced by Brite Ware who is the manager for RnB sensation Miguel. The song "TV LOVE", I felt was pretty good, I loved the beat, his rap flow and the singer in the background added nicely to the song.

I think this guy has potential and if he stays dedicated enough to his work he will soon one of these days make it on to our Radios and TV screens. I also browsed through some of his other songs on YouTube and most of them had my head rocking. Now, I don't know much about rap, but if i'm listening for more than 30 seconds then you have support out of me. I used to think all rappers were the same, but shockingly they aren't. You'd be surprised by the different sound and flow every rapper from a different state has. I'm so used to the New Jersey "trying to make it out of the hood, struggling" type of raps that I couldn't give any other rapper a chance until now. Young Twain is a good rapper, his music is easy to listen to, his flow is nothing like I've heard and some of the stuff he says will have you blank faced but also laughing. If you're into the unsigned rap artist movement, then you should take a chance and listen to some of this work. 

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YouTube: Twain244
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Twitter: @YoungTwain