November 9, 2011


This fall, I'm very infatuated with pullover sweaters. I love how casual and chill they look on a person. You can basically dress it with anything. They look cute with a cute skinny jean and a nice pair of kicks. So far I own around 4 to 5 pullovers. I don't know why they are called pullovers, but I'm used to calling them sweaters ;-). The ones with graphic features to them pop out more. I hate plain ALOT!!! Give me something that makes a statement. It can just be a big square on the front and i'll be happy. Pullover's are comfortable and inexpensive. I usually purchase mine from Forever21 Men or hand me downs, yeah the old 90s pullover sweaters are the BEST!!! This is my fall favorite article of clothing. What's yours right now?