November 30, 2011

Boots With Ankle Socks Is Not Good!!!

I learned my lesson once and for all yesterday. I recently just purchased a pair of Dr. Marten boots and decided to wear them yesterday with a skinny jean, Hollister shirt and a blazer over it. Now usually when I wear skinny jeans, I like to wear ankle socks with them because of the fact my calves are too thick and my jeans can't roll up when I go to put on regular socks. The Dr. Marten boots are made from leather and the inside is a regular rubbish texture. However, this was the biggest mistake I've ever done in footwear history!!!

 I guess you can tell my ankle was chaffing against the inside part of the boot as I walked, which I was in excruciating pain!!! The pain hurt so bad I was actually walking like I had something stuck up my ass lol. Now my ankles are so sore and scabby, I'm afraid to even put jeans on or socks to say the least. Has this ever happened to you? 

I Do Love My Dr. Martens Though!!!