November 1, 2011

CNN: Dr. Drew's take on Kardashian divorce

I'm not a celebrity blogger or gossiper but being a valid Kardashian fan, I must speak out and say how I feel. It's none of my business, yes I know that but I feel embarrassed for Kim Kardashian. Not so much Kris Humphries, like Khloe stated on Kim's wedding specail, she felt like Kris was an oportunist and I feel the say exact way. I don't know if the wedding was a hoax or not, but millions was spent on this lavish marraige we all thought was going to last forever. In just 72 days, the couple is divorcing from each other. It's embarrassing on Kim's behalf, because now she gave the media more leadway to throw how much of a "fame whore" she's allegedly turned out to be. I love Kim with all my heart and she knows I do via our short dialouge back in 2008 at 106 & Park.

 I dislike the bad talk on about Kim, when some of you people don't even know what's going on, you're just reading headlines and assuming. Read between the lines people, put two and two together sometimes. Kim Kardashian, yes is a fool in love; she loves to deep for no reason. This is a lesson learned for the young buisness mogul. Kim has history of being married and it didn't last for a few months. I just feel this is a very embarrassing time for her, it's like who is going to take her serious now or trust her? I'm definitely putting the blame on Kim right now because she knows better and her sisters i'm pretty sure gave their true insight that we didn't see on TV. Kim hunny, everything that glitters isn't gold hunny. I love you and may you come out of this situation with your head held high. Take your time, love will always be there, you can't hurry love. It's the game of give and take!

LaTroy Watson