November 29, 2011

Electronic Monopoly?!

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, I was introduced to the most ridiculous game ever. Monopoly has always been one of my favorite board games since I was a little kid. I was content with the regular rules, pieces, property and money of the game. My 15 year old brother introduced me to Monopoly Electronic Banking. Can I say this was the stupidest version ever. I was furiated when I read the rules and regulations. I was more upset on how the money level got fancy and went up to the millions. I have some words for Milton Bradley.
I really don't know whose idea was it to change a lot of things with Monopoly but who told them to include an electronic banking system?! Uhm, yeah not a bright idea. It takes away from the fun of the game. The game is to win money and handle it. I loved actually holding the colorful counterfeit money in my hands. With the new monopoly, you are given a credit card with a cash holdings of 15 million. Yes! right, 15 million you start off with. The regular Monopoly you are started off wit $1,500. I also don't like how the price of property increased. The property is increased to about 2 - 3 million dollars. Which you can use on your "credit card" but still!!! It's expensive especially when you want to own the same color property.

Honestly, I am not a big fan of this version. Who told them to change the original format and upgrade it? Monopoly is a classic game, it shall never be re-written. The moving pieces although looks much fun within a person's personality. My whole ordeal is why is Monopoly teaching kids to be lazy and use electronic devices for their basic learning subjects. Monopoly has to do with Math and I felt like when using the paper money, you undestood basic math more and it became easy to you. Now, with the help of an electronic device, the math is done for you istantly and all you have to do is roll the die and move your pieces.

How do you feel about the new electronic Monopoly? Are game with it? Do you like the original best?