November 29, 2011

Operation Jessica Klask On The Ellen Show

I think this pretty young lady by the name of Jessica Klask should be invited to The Ellen Show as a guest. Jessica whom i've known for some years now, is the biggest Ellen Degeneres fan out there, maybe in this universe. Yesterday, Jessica went on a campaign via Twitter to get Ellen Degeneres to notice her and ivnite her on the show. It was so cute the campaign even had it's own hashtag entitled #ellensbiggestfan.

Jessica's personality so cute and quirky she would also make the best co-host on the show. I can see the two of them making daytime tv a mega hit!!! So everyone help out my dear friend Jessica and lets get Ellen Degeneres have her on the show. Here's what you can do.

1. Tweet Ellen Degeneres (@TheEllenShow)
2. Include The Hashtag #EllensBiggestFan
3. Add Jessica's Twitter Name @Jessie_Kay
4. Write A Nice Little Message Telling Ellen, Jessica Needs To Be On The Show